Friday, June 13, 2014

Final Watercolor Landscape

Purpose: To use and demonstrate what you learned from the watercolor exercises you did in class to create your own landscape painting. 

Reflection: In our final painting, we were asked to use at least four techniques that we learned during this unit. The first that I used was saran wrap; this creates some darker areas in the waves. The second technique that I used was drawing with the back end of my brush, this added texture to rocks. The third technique I used was wet on wet painting, I used this to blend the sky and give it gradation. The fourth, but not final, technique I used, was whisking and stamping, which I used to give the trees texture. These techniques worked well in my painting and added a nice touch. The most important piece of watercolor that I learned during this unit is that watercolor is unlike acrylic paint in the way that once a mark is made, it is almost impossible to undo. 

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