Monday, March 3, 2014

Realism, Inspired Drawing - Sketchbook

Calm Waters
Horacio Cardozo

To gain a basic understanding about the Realism Art Movement and to identify Artists who work(ed) in this style.

The realism movement started in the mid 19th century. Before this time period the way of painting was Neoclassicism. Realism is a way of painting or drawing that depicts the image how it actually is, even if it is ugly. The reason that realism was created was to be an opposition to the old way of doing things. Realism seeks to express an object or thing as it actually is.

The current realism is both similar and different to the first realism. The current realism seems to cover a larger range of subject matter than the first realism. The current realism shows a wide variety of everyday objects or blank walls that don’t necessarily have as deep a meaning as the original realism. Although this is the case, I prefer the current realism because of this.

 What I Learned:
Throughout this unit I learned a few things. Firstly, I learned that realism is one of the hardest subjects of art. Secondly, I learned a lot about the history of art, especially realism. Thirdly, I learned how hard it is to match the colors and style of an artist.

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