Monday, March 3, 2014

Realistic Self Portrait

                Pre-Instructional Self-Portrait:

                        Final Self-Portrait:

   Through the drawing of the final self portrait we each got midpoint feedback. The three pieces of feedback that I got were: shorten the nose, bring down the eyebrows, and narrow the jawline. I included these pieces of feedback in my final work by using them and they improved my work a lot. 

      Looking at my pre-instructional self portrait and my self portrait I see that I have improved greatly over a short amount of time. I have improved the overall look of my portrait. my first portrait was very sketchy and my second was well defined. I have also improved in the realism of my facial features. I have made them look very close to my own where as before I was very off. Thirdly, I have improved in the proportions of my face. 

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