Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Final Still-Life Painting

To communicate all of your knowledge about color and painting techniques to create a final, more complex, still-life painting (than your smaller still-life studies); To use your knowledge about composition and placement to arrange your fruit and/or vegetable to create a strong composition.

Artists Studied:
Vincent Van Gogh, Paul C├ęzanne, Georges Seurat, and Paul Signac


In my final still life painting I used a loose rendition of the reality that I saw. I like this loose style because it is aesthetically pleasing to my eye. This is the same technique that I used on my second small still life. I used this technique because I felt that it would personalize my style and improve the painting as a whole. The imperfection in my painting was purposeful and improved the painting as a whole.
There are a few important things that I learned during this unit. Firstly, I learned that the first time you lay down paint It won’t look finished, or even close to perfect. I also learned that there are many steps to painting in order to get different effects. Lastly, I learned that it takes time and effort to create a finished piece. These are all very important to my art career and will help me paint better in the future. I look forward to painting another piece and seeing the development of my artwork over time.

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