Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Lino Prints


  • To become familiar with basic printmaking history, processes, and artists
  • To make connections between the Expressionist Art Movement and artists who worked in that style, including artists from our past and present;
  • To respond visually to artists who work(ed) in the style of the Expressionist Art Movement, by creating a work of art in this style.
  • To print 2 editions of 2 different drawings/designs, demonstrating understanding of the printmaking process.


Throughout this process of creating prints I ran into a few problems. The first being: making a design. In making a design I had to balance the positive and negative space and at first that proved challenging. The next problem that I ran into was having too much or not enough ink, both turn out poorly. To fix this it is a lot of trial and error. Overall the problems that I encountered were overcome.

I am most proud of a few of my final prints (shown below) mostly because the contrast, sharpness, and composition overall are, in my mind, my best. I love the contrast of the white sailboat on the purple paper. The dog is an interesting design but I really love how it turned out on most of my prints.

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